• 5 Natural Beauty Essentials that Helps You Stay Beautiful and Healthy this Summer

    5 Natural Beauty Essentials that Help You Stay Beautiful and Healthy this Summer

    We’re in the middle of a heat wave this summer, and this is exciting for me! It means that I can go to the beach or be outside! I love the sun, but I know how risky it can be to be outside for a long time. No lie, it’s hard to upkeep your makeup …

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  • 9 Housewarming Gifts that Give Back While Looking Fabulous in Your New Home

    A Fulfilling Experience for the Gift Giver & Receiver There’s one very fulfilling experience we love, and that’s to provide gifts that give back. Everyone involved– you, the receiver, the brand, the community they work with, and the planet win. As the giver, you’re not only purchasing an item that will please the receiver. There’s a …

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  • happy-spritz-featured-image

    Meet the Maker | Happy Spritz

    Happy Spritz spreads its happiness and kindness not just through essential oils. In our “Do Good” box, we curated for brands that inspire and take action in doing something good for the world. Small businesses like Happy Spritz gives us a taste on how to follow your passion, stay creative, and still give back. The …

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  • province-apothecary-featured-image1

    Meet the Maker | Province Apothecary

    Julie Clark of Province Apothecary wants to create pure, effective products for every sensitive skin complexions and types. We are so happy to have featured her eczema balm in our “Do Good” box! With a mission to be an inclusive brand, she also cares about our planet and the farmers that plant and harvest PA’s …

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  • united-by-blue-featured-image

    Meet the Maker | United By Blue

    If you love the ocean, you know how valuable clean water is to our planet. United By Blue is your kin. They pledge to remove a pound of trash from the earth’s oceans and waterways for through company-organized cleanups. We knew we had to collaborate with them in our “Do Good” box. We can see …

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  • hostess-gift-ideas

    12 Thoughtful Modern Hostess Gift Ideas

    When you think of a modern hostess, who do you imagine this person to be? She’s probably the kindest, most thoughtful person you know, right? She knows and loves to give the best experiences to her family, friends, and guests. Now it’s time for us to be thoughtful. Coming up with modern hostess gift ideas can be …

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  • this-bar-saves-lives-featured-image

    Meet the Maker | This Bar Saves Lives

    Curating for “Do Good” box made us get all the feels. We were touched by This Bar Saves Lives, their mission is to feed others who need it most. When someone buys a bar, the proceeds go to their non-profit partner, who packs up and supplies food for communities going through malnutrition. Their bars are …

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  • gift-ideas-garden-mom

    13 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Gardening Mom

    For the mom who loves to spend her time gardening — waking up early with the birds at sunrise, watering every plant she knows the botanical names of, proudly showing off her home-grown flowers in the house — we want to say thank you for nurturing us like your garden! Here’s our visual guide of …

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  • meet-the-makers-morihata-binchotan-featured-image

    Meet the Maker | Morihata

    When you open the January/February 2017 “Awake” Craftly box, you’ll find a unique scrub towel that says, “Binchotan”. When I first saw that, I had no idea what it was and why it’s good for my skin. Using charcoal masks has become a popular facial skin care practice, but it can also peel off healthy …

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  • Meet the Maker | Plus Ultra Toothbrush

    Here is our Meet the Maker interview with Plus Ultra. We featured their eco-friendly toothbrush  in our January/February 2017 “Awake” Craftly box. See what this brand is all about!

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