Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks. Have some ideas on what to give your Valentine? We understand the pressure! You want to express “I love you” and how much you appreciate your partner in a romantic gesture. We want to help you out so we went gift-hunting for you! Here’s a gift guide for your baelentine.


Enter our Craftly Winter Giveaway! Easy to participate and there are bonus entry opportunities to increase your chances of winning. Thanks to our sponsors for this beautiful package!


We know how gift shopping for this holiday can be fun yet stressful so we want to help you find something truly unique for your boyfriend, husband, or best friend. Your special someone will appreciate the thought you put into choosing the perfect gift.



So what’s the next step after waking up that will you feel your best for the rest of the day? Sometimes it’s hard not to crawl back into a warm bed in the winter. Here are 7 tips for a fresh morning routine. 


Meet the Maker: Formulary 55

We worked with Formulary 55 when we started, and we wanted to bring them back to you. This handmade bath and body company has been transforming over the last couple of years, but they stay true to their values of crafting high-quality natural products. 


Not only were we excited to feature this product in December’s box, we were fond of discovering that he and his partner Anna are quite involved in the outdoors. They live with intention, and you can tell through their chocolate and how the package was designed. 


You start with setting goals that you hope to level up in some way. We churn out #relationshipgoals #lifegoals #goals #goalsaf. However, hiccups come in more often feeling like failure and can demotivate us as we try to accomplish these long-term goals. Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated when you’re not!


Craftly teamed up with Barnaby Black to feature this home and body fragrance in our December 2016 “Wild” subscription box. The freshness of its ingredients was clear. Through this interview, you’ll discover the founder’s genuine love for the outdoors, his company, and the experiences he helps create for his customers. 


Let’s face it. Whenever we get a new package in the mail, we can’t help but feel like it’s Christmas all over again. So when it comes to subscription boxes, our level of EXCITEMENT rises to another level because of that extra layer of surprise. But, are subscription boxes worth it? Here are 5 factors for you to consider.


With unique designs, comfortability, and a sense of humor, we are happy to have collaborated with Pair of Thieves for our “Wild” theme. We interviewed one of their founders, Cash Warren, on their journey from the start of their business to how they design their socks. Oh, and prepare to lol. 😂

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