Around the World in 12 Chilis!

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Welcome to the exciting world of chilis! Here you will find interesting trivia, chili sauce recipes, and much more.


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Chilis, beyond their culinary role as fiery flavor enhancers, have found surprising and versatile applications across various aspects of life. In agriculture, chili peppers have been employed as natural pest repellents to deter rabbits, deer, and even elephants from ravaging crops. Their active ingredient, capsaicin, is also used in some non-lethal self-defense sprays. Furthermore, chilis are used to create topical pain-relief creams and patches due to their ability to desensitize nerve endings, providing relief for ailments like arthritis. This humble spice's adaptability extends beyond the kitchen, showcasing its remarkable influence in unexpected domains.

CHili sauce recipes

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Hot Sauce Making Kit

5 chilis & 3 bags with spice blends
1 glass bottle of apple vinegar 
1 pair of gloves & 1 funnel
3 glass bottles with screw caps
2 squeeze serving bottles
5 bottle labels & a fun sticker sheet

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Salts & Peppers

6 vials of salts - Fleak Sea Salt, Lemon Rosemary Salt, Smoked Alderwood Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt, and Hawaiian Red Salt.
6 vails of peppers - White Pepper, Sansho Pepper, Tellicherry Pepper, Smoked Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, and Sichuan Pepper.

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3 vials of juniper berries and 9 botanicals
2 glass bottles with wooden corks
Funnel and paper filters
Instructions including insights and recipes

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