Discover with us your world of:

Creativity and experimentation

In terms of career choice and personality, we two brothers could not be more different: Leon is an aerospace engineer, the inventor in the duo who keeps track of things when Vincent's overflowing creativity is already on the next laboratory experiment (old chemist's habit). And yet we are a tight-knit team, because we share a common passion: cocktails & good drinks!

What started out as making gin sets in our spare time has now grown into Craftly. We have added more exciting treats to our range for gin. Always true to our motto: When in doubt, less is more and homemade is always better than poorly bought!

We just love to experiment - and we want to pass this joy on to you... with products that also cut a fine figure as a gift. After all, shared joy is double joy!

Holistic quality is a fundamental decision for us


We have consciously decided to set quality as one of our cornerstones. Quality doesn't just begin and end with the end product that we share with you, quality resides in everything we do. Holistic quality means that we regularly challenge ourselves in our decisions. That we optimize our communication, our production cycles and end products so that they are implemented according to the highest quality standards for you and with you.

We know about our ecological, economic and social


As a company, we always try to be aware of our social, economic and ecological responsibility and to contribute to more sustainable management.

We work towards making all our products 100% sustainable to keep the footprint we leave as small as possible.

We support social projects and production facilities in order to enable those who would otherwise have a hard time in the job market to find work and pay.

We manage economic sustainability and are committed to ensuring that all necessary resources are preserved in the long term. Our requirement is to continue to receive raw materials, goods and capital in the same quantity and in the same or better quality in the future.

Only together can we be successful

customer centricity

We believe that we can only be successful together. We can only satisfy you in the long term if you and we pull together. That's why we have realigned our previous business strategy: For us, acting in a customer-centric manner means understanding your wishes, expectations and needs and, with your help, implementing them in the form of products and services.
We want to actively engage in dialogue with you so that we can stay with each other longer.

Never be bored again


Our motto is : When in doubt, less is more and homemade is always better than poorly bought!

For this reason we want to pass on our joy in creativity to you and share it with you. We believe that everyone has a creative streak that needs to be explored. For this reason, we want to continue to create great creative products with you in the future, so that you can not only bring creativity to your home, but also give it away.