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Welcome to the exciting world of spices! Here you will find interesting trivia, the use of the spices, and much more.


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Salts & Peppers Trivia

Salt and pepper: these two humble seasonings have been essential staples in kitchens around the world for centuries, enhancing the flavor of countless dishes and adding a touch of magic to our meals. Let's journey through time to explore the history and origins of these culinary gems.

Salt, often referred to as "the white gold," has a history as rich and diverse as the cultures that have used it. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times when it was harvested from salt mines or obtained by evaporating seawater. In fact, salt was so valuable in certain societies that it was used as a form of currency, leading to the word "salary" originating from the Latin term "salarium," which was a payment made to Roman soldiers to purchase salt.

Pepper, on the other hand, has equally intriguing origins. Known as the "king of spices," pepper was highly coveted in the ancient world. Its journey began in the lush hills of India, where black pepper was first cultivated. Pepper was so valuable that it was often used as a form of currency, traded across vast distances along the historic spice routes. It eventually found its way into the kitchens of Europe and became a symbol of luxury and refinement.The combination of salt and pepper is a culinary marriage made in heaven.

The two seasonings complement each other beautifully, with salt enhancing the natural flavors of food and pepper adding a gentle heat and complexity. This iconic pairing became so popular that it led to the creation of the salt and pepper shaker, a tabletop staple found in restaurants and homes worldwide.

Surprising use of the spices

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