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Welcome to the exciting world of chili sauces! Here you will find
your Hot Sauce booklet in digital form, so you will never loose it anymore!

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The short history of hot pepper

Chilis are actually fruits from the genus Capsicum, which includes 38 types of nightshades ranging from the super-spicy (like the Caro-lina Reaper) to the sweet (like bell peppers). Domesticated hot chilis were first grown in Central and South America and have been eatenby Europeans since the 16th century. Some indigenous cultures havealso used hot peppers as part of religious rituals and superstitions.For example, Aztec traders would sometimes place a chili pepperbetween two strips of fabric for better sales.

Scoville Heat Unit

Spices and chilis affect everyone differently. The Scoville Scale(measured in Scoville Heat Units, or SHU) helps chefs and diners toanticipate the heat factor of a certain sauce’s flavor profile.

More specifically, the Scoville Scale indicates what the ratio of chili to water would need to be until the pepper’s spicy taste has disap-peared. Pure capsaicin – the chemical compound in hot peppers that creates the burning sensation of spice – has a Scoville value of 16 MSHU. This means you need to dilute one drop of capsaicin in 16 milliondrops of water to neutralize it.

The hottest pepper in this kit is the enclosed Carolina Reaper,with 1.5M Scoville Heat Units. That’s a lot of water!

Seeds the spiciest part?

While many people think that the seeds contain the most capsai-cin (the chemical compound that makes chilis spicy) in a pepper, that’s actually not quite right. It’s the pepper’s placenta – the spongy whitetissue at the fruit’s centre – that holds the chili’s maximum spice. The seeds don’t contain any capsaicin at all, but because a pepper’s pla-centa often coats them, they can taste spicy. That means that while the seeds may not be hot, the coating on them is.

How to save your mouth from burning?

Sweating... eyes watering... mouth burning... The feeling ofeating something too spicy can be very uncomfortable. The Carolina Reaper included in this kit is no joke: We recommend testing yourlimits slowly, working up to a higher spice level in baby steps.However, if you have been a bit too brave, we’re here for you:

• Drink milk, not water! Capsaicin, the chemical compound that creates chili peppers’ signature burning sensation, doesn’t dis-solve in water. That means, no matter how much water you drink after a big, spicy bite, your mouth will keep burning. Instead, werecommend a big gulp of cold milk. With up to 3.5% fat, milkfrees your mouth’s pain receptors from capsaicin.

• Better still is ice cream: When milk isn’t enough, pick your fa-vorite flavor and help yourself until it’s all over. (What can’t ice cream do?)

• Learn from it: Even though you might feel happy later, try to re-duce the amount of spice you eat next time. Too much spice can put your body under a lot of stress!

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3. Pick your flavour

Smoky, classic, tangy: meet the spice blends

Note: All included spice blends in this kit are natural and, therefore, may appear very dry. However, they are still good to use and will not have expired. Please store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

4. Pick your chili

This box comes with 5 chilis, which range in heat from 2K to 1.5M Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Our Berlin team hand-selected these chilis to help you craft your very own delicious hot sauces. You’re in charge,and creativity is encouraged! Learn more about the flavors before you start cooking.

5. Pick your recipe

Pick a sauce that you like, and follow the step-by-step instructions in Section 6 to create your hot sauce!

6. Make the sauce!

Our prep recommendations

Before preparing your sauce, we recommend gathering the follo-wing supplies: a small bowl, small pot, measuring cup, blender, and funnel.

If the amount of apple cider vinegar is insufficient, you can use anyother apple vinegar.
Note: apple cider vinegar is a natural product, and cloudiness may occur.

Before you start, please make sure to wear gloves when handling chilis. Do not touch your eyes, nose, pets or others. Wash your hands tho‐roughly after handling the sauces.
Note: be cautious of the fumes and ensure good ventilation in the house. 

Our ingredients are all-natural and free of additives. If the spice blend forms lumps, this does not reduce the quality. The provided recipes are amazingly delicious. Yet, we encourage you to experiment with the heat levels and consistency of the sauces.

You got what it tastes!

Step-by-step instructions

1. Remove existing stems from chilis. Place chilis in a small bowl, pour hot water over them, cover and let steep for 5–10 minutes. Drain the water.

2. Add drained chilis, water, apple cider vinegar and other ingredients to the pot and boil briefly for 1–2 minutes. Then turn down the heat and simmer for another 5 minutes at medium temperature.

3. Remove the mixture from the stove, pour in the blender and mixfor 1–2 minutes.

4. Boil the glass bottle for 10 min. This process will disinfect thebottles and make your hot sauce last longer.

5. Pour the sauce from the blender into the glass bottle usingthe funnel.

6. Close the bottle with the lid. Use the sticker to label your hotsauce bottle.

7. Your hot sauce is now ready! You can store it in the fridge for up to 2 months. You can use the small squeeze bottles for easy serving.

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