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Craftly DIY kits

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The perfect gift to put a smile on anyone's face who appreciates good drinks and wants to get creative themselves! Whether gin, whiskey, rum or tonic - our unique sets will bring a lot of joy and unforgettable moments. Undecided about this choice? No problem! You can also give away vouchers in our shop!


Refine the variety of blue agave and mescal beans from which tequila is made with our botanicals selected for you.

Our DO YOUR TEQUILA Infsuion Set is the ideal gift for tequila lovers or just for yourself!

DO YOUR GIN is a family project

In terms of career choice and personality, we two brothers could not be more different: Leon is an aerospace engineer, the inventor in the duo who keeps track of things when Vincent's overflowing creativity is already on the next laboratory experiment (old chemist's habit). And yet we are a tight-knit team, because we share a common passion: cocktails & good drinks!

What started out as making gin sets in our spare time has now grown into craftly. Gin has been joined by bottle aged whisky, vodka and rum and we plan to add more exciting goodies to our range. Always true to our motto: When in doubt, less is more and homemade is always better than poorly bought!

We just love to experiment - and we want to pass this joy on to you... with products that also cut a fine figure as a gift. After all, shared joy is double joy!