Is alcohol included in the set?

No, we advise buying a good vodka locally for the Do Your Gin and Do You Whisky sets. For the whisky set, you can also use a corn liquor. This can be found under the name "Moonshine", but is very rare. For the Do Your Rum Set, we recommend that you use a non-aged rum, because the restrained, light flavour profile allows the mixed spices and fruits to stand out better.

What is the volume of the bottles?

One bottle holds 350 ml or 0.35 litres.

Can I buy spices separately?

Yes, not only that, you can also order many other exciting gin botanicals from our shop, e.g. rose petals.

How long does it take to make gin?

To make your own gin you need 24 - 48 hours.

Which vodka do you recommend for the Do Your Gin Set?

Absolut Vodka tastes very neutral and is therefore a good white canvas to paint a colourful gin picture on. A little more unusual would be a Three Sixty, which already comes with a slight hint of lemon and vanilla, which is very exciting in your own gin. Good vodka doesn't have to be expensive, but if you're looking for something in the 20-30€ range, we recommend Finlandia. This has a little more alcohol content, and the gin will be a little stronger as a result. This is good if the gin is later enjoyed in a cocktail or gin and tonic.

What spices are included in the gin set?

The Do Your Gin Set contains the best quality of 3 x juniper, coriander, cubeb pepper, cardamom, hibiscus flowers, bay leaf, lavender flowers, liquorice, orange peel, pink berries packed in a total of 12 beautiful spice jars.

How much gin can I make?

The juniper is enough for 2-3 gins, all other spices for about 10-20, so as soon as you buy more juniper, you can just keep on making gin at home.

Which alcohol is recommended for the Do Your Whisky Set?

We always recommend using a mild vodka as the base. Russian Standard or Smirnoff Vodka have proven to be particularly good. You can also use a corn schnapps for the whisky set. This can be found under the name "Moonshine", but is very rare.

How long does it take to make the Infused Whisky?

We recommend a bottle maturation of 2-4 weeks until your own "whisky" is ready.

What are the cubes in the whisky set for?

The stainless steel cubes, which first have to be pre-chilled in the freezer, allow you to enjoy the whisky on the rocks without watering it down.

Which rum is suitable for the rum set?

If possible, we recommend a white, preferably unripened rum, because the restrained, light flavour profile allows the mixed spices and fruits to stand out better.



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